Faith Based Recovery Support Counselor Diploma

Alpha Center for Training (ACT) offers students the opportunity to earn a diploma to verify their competency as a Faith Based Recovery Support Counselor (FBRSC) as recognized by Alpha Ministries. The emphasis of this training is on spirituality in recovery but also provides a solid base of clinical information. This diploma documents the student’s acquisition of a knowledge base plus the skills, and attitudes needed for recovery support work. The diploma track requires fifty-five (55) credit hours of instruction, forty (40) hours of practice experience and a written practice experience summary paper for graduation. For more information on practice experience and paper please see web site, www.alphacentertraining.org.

ACT has determined five faith based classes and five clinical classes that are foundational to competency in recovery support. These courses are required for graduation. The last four classes are electives and may be selected by the student based on their particular areas of interest.

Core Faith Based Curriculum

Faith Factor
Utilizing the 12 Steps in Grace
New Identity New Life Style
Alpha Facilitator

Core Clinical Curriculum

Cycles of Addiction 
Recovery Coordination
Pharmacology I
Relational Counseling and Empowerment

4 Electives

To be chosen from a wide variety of elective classes that will be offered. Electives are chosen by the learner based upon their particular area of interest and include: Marriage and Family, Working with Youth, Codependency, Trauma and Abuse, 12 Step Model, Co Occuring Disorders and many others.

Please see our website for further information on classes offered.

Forty hours of Practice Experience

The information and spiritual technologies taught at ACT are practical and relevant. It is presumed that the student will begin to employ them immediately. At the completion of approximately 40 credit hours the diploma seeker is to select one person for the focus of this “practice experience.”

The selected person will be seeking assistance for overcoming a life controlling issue and speaking with the student on a regular basis about this issue. The nature of neither the relationship nor the setting for the support counseling is the critical issue; however, a family member or romantic relationship is not recommended. The important thing is that the student consciously employs the information learned in ACT classes in an attempt to support the goal of recovery.

Support for the student is available through discussion with the Training Director. Students are encouraged to bring questions and to share practice experiences in class (always respecting confidentiality). It is also recommended that the student keep personal “case notes” to assist in writing the practice experience paper.

Practice Experience Paper

The purpose of the written paper is designed to document the experience and competency of the diploma seeker. Begin the paper with a brief description of the person, their reason for seeking help, an explanation of the history, including the nature of the relationship, i.e. sponsee, friend, coworker…. Document the criteria used for identifying their primary issue and their current motivation for change.  Proceed to a description of specific situations and issues where the information and or technologies learned in ACT classes were employed.   In conclusion, explain the current status of the relationship and any plans for future support. Two to three pages should be sufficient for this exercise. Remember the purpose is to document practice experience. Sample papers are available.

All work is reviewed and verified by a licensed professional in the field. This diploma is not equivalent to a state certification but courses are recognized by the Florida Certification Board. Credits may be applied toward State Certification Requirements or Continuing Education Units. (CEU’s) for those already certified. Please see the Florida Certification Board web site for more information on obtaining state certification. Due to the Florida Certification Board administrative requirements, classes for credit will cost $35, materials included.

A minimum of ten (10) CEU’s annually are required to keep the diploma current through Alpha Ministries.